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Property management and maintenance in the city of Eilat

Amder Vacation Homes Ltd. has successfully managed dozens of investment properties for vacation purposes in the city of Eilat since 2010. We maintain a professional and skilled team throughout the months of the year in order to be ready for all seasons and to welcome the vacationers in Eilat and to allow them a maximum vacation experience.


Our office is located a short distance away for all apartments and is active from 9.00 am until late evening.

In our office there is a laundry and a warehouse and our team consists of a number of cleaning and maintenance personnel, cleaning pools, plumbing, electricity and air conditioning to respond in a timely manner to everything required for the proper management of the apartments.

In our office there is a telephone response for receiving orders from Sunday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm and on Fridays until 4.00 pm. On Saturdays there is an emergency telephone service, you can call if necessary.

We work with all the popular tourism engines such as, Airbnb, Expedia, and many more. The company advertises on all the relevant websites for advertising vacation apartments such as Weekend, Villa4U, Villa+ and a variety of other tourist websites for advertising vacation apartments.

So if you have a property in Eilat intended for vacation, we will be happy for a free consultation in our office at 22 Avni Hoshan St. Apartment 3 or you can call us at 054-7303604.


בתי נופש אמדר בע"מ חברת אחזקות הנופש הטובה באילת!

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